Tomos Butarbutar
Founder and CEO
”With our website we want to guide you with every step of the way in preparing for this crucial, life-changing part of your life: studying abroad.”

Our story begins in 1992 when the late Mr. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (then serving as Minister of Research and Technology, and a few years later became the third President of the Republic of Indonesia), had a vision to prepare young people to welcome the age of Technology. He initiated a scholarship program to send out young people to study abroad. Following in the footsteps of Mr. Habibie, I left Indonesia to pursue knowledge in other parts of the world, at Delft University of Technology te be precise, majoring in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering.

An entirely new world opened up for me in Delft, where I had the opportunity to gain knowledge, meet people from various social, cultural, religious and national backgrounds, and also learn from those cultures. But no less valuable is the friendship and attention that I got as a student who lives far from my family. The period of study abroad broadened my horizons and made a big impact in my next life.

The experience that I and my wife have gained from studying in a foreign country and living far away from our family is what we hope to use to help prospective students who have the desire to study abroad.

Our mission "Serving potentials, impacting lives" is inspired by the legacy left by Mr. Habibie, and we want to continue it to the next generation.

This is our story, and we would love to contribute to yours!


As a daughter of migrants from Indonesia, I have always had a great interest in the Indonesian culture. During my study International Marketing Management in the Netherlands, I took the opportunity to do an internship in Surabaya. In addition, I also gained a year of overseas study experience in Sydney, Australia, getting the priceless opportunity to meet foreign students from over 20 countries. 

I met my husband Tomos in the Indonesian community in Delft. It turned out that we share the same passion to help Indonesian and other Asian students who still have to find their way in a far away country, just as we had experienced ourselves. After working in internationally oriented companies for more than 10 years, I decided to follow the passion that Tomos and I have shared for quite a while. We founded our own company OVEDCO, through which we want to help, support and guide Asian students who are chasing their dream in the Netherlands.

Debbie Butarbutar-Ong 
Co-Founder and COO
”Each person is valuable and has the potential to make a relevant difference in this world”

Our vision:

"Best of worlds, for brighter futures"

Ovedco wants to be a reliable partner for Asian students by contributing in a relevant way to a meaningful study experience for these students in the Netherlands. By combining the best of different worlds, these students will not only enrich their lives, but also expand their possibilities and their network, creating a better future not only for themselves, but also for the world around them.

Our mission:

"Serving potentials, impacting lives"

Ovedco strives to facilitate potentials in Asia who aspire to study in the Netherlands. In this way, they get the opportunity to expand their capabilities, build more self-confidence in pursuing their dreams, and thereby make a positive impact in this world. With Ovedco's 10 steps formula potentials are enabled to take the first steps towards the big leap to study abroad.

Our Team Members

Tomos Butarbutar

(Delft University of Technology)

Founder and CEO

Debbie Butarbutar-Ong

(Windesheim University of Applied Sciences Zwolle)

Co-founder and COO

Pauline Boedianto

(Delft University of Technology)

Indonesian Representative

Natasha Santosa

(Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Indonesian Representative

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