What to


It's difficult for many scholars to choose 'the right' study.

Studyfinder.nl is a handy website that has information of more than 2,000 international programmes in the Netherlands, providing short descriptions of a course, the institution, the admission requirements and contact details. But always double check the information with the university's original website as well.


When choosing is difficult...

Check the IKIGAI model!
It very practically shows the balance between:

  • doing what you love
  • doing what you are good at
  • that which you can be paid for
  • what the world needs

The combination of these four factors form the reason for which you want to wake up every day 🙂

Make a future picture

Make a future picture of your life by asking yourself:

  • "What do I want to achieve with my study?"
  • "Do I want to return to my home country after my study?"
  • "How can I make a difference in this world?"

See how your study choice fits into your future vision. Having a clear picture of your passion also helps you writing a better Letter of Motivation later in the process.

Discuss your 'IKIGAI' with someone else

IKIGAI is a Japanese concept that helps to find the "reason we want to wake up in the morning". Sometimes we are not aware of the qualities that others see in us. Discussing your IKIGAI with someone who knows you well, may bring valuable insights to the surface, that you can use as input for decisions for your future.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

If you don't know what to study yet, the programme 'Liberal Arts & Sciences' might be an appealing option to you. 

It is an 
interdisciplinary programme that helps you broaden your horizon and gives you 3 years time to think about the major that you want to choose after you have gained your Bachelor-degree.

Another benefit is that most programmes are offered a residential setting (depending on the institution, please check), which means it's like living at a boarding school. So you don't have to worry about housing and because you live in a community, you can easily form long lasting friendships.

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