The best answer you can get to this question is from the Indonesian students that have gone before you! 

Ask them and you'll probably discover that they highly value the balance between two facts: the first one is the price-to-quality ratio of the educational institutes: did you know that Dutch programmes may be much cheaper than a similar study in the US, England or Australia? The second reason is the quality of student life: every student wants to look back on a memorable study period abroad, right? 

But there are more interesting facts:


Asian food and many other Asian flavours

There is enough ‘Asian flavour' in the Netherlands that helps you feel like your home country is close by! 
According to the Dutch national statistical office (CBS), there are more than 350.000 people living in the Netherlands with an Indonesian background. This explains why there are many toko’s, especially in the big cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam even count 26 Asian toko’s! 
When it comes down to entertainment: people with an Asian background love to visit the yearly TongTong Fair in The Hague (80.000 visitors in 2019) and the Pasar Raya Indonesia, yearly held by the Indonesian Embassy with delicious Indonesian dishes and snacks, sold through the various street food stands (warung-warung). 
There is also a big international community in the Netherlands: 24% of the Dutch population has a migration background. And there are more than 200 different nationalities resided in the Netherlands. This diversity is also reflected in the many choices of restaurants in the bigger cities. So you won’t feel like a foreigner, but rather a global resident.

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