We help you to simplify your study preparations to the Netherlands.

With this website we inform and connect you to all the sources and parties you need for arranging your study in a practical way. It is our purpose to help you with taking your study experience to the next level from the very first step in the preparation process until settling down into the Netherlands.  
Let’s do this together!


We are based in Holland

We speak the local language and we know how to navigate our way through the Dutch systems in order to help you find the solutions you need. Because of our own personal Indonesian background, we know how to access many Indonesian communities in the Netherlands as well and can introduce you to these networks.


We understand your culture

This website is especially designed to be relevant to Asian students and their specific circumstances.


We are an independant organisation

Though we are in favour of cooperation with other parties, we are not dependent on any educational institution. This ensures reliability from our part, because we do not favour any third party, but all the more strive to give you an honest and complete picture.


We value educational quality standards

We, Ovedco, only provide information about academic universities (WO) that are accredited by the Dutch government through the NVAO, which assesses the internal quality assurance pursued by universities and the quality of the programmes they provide. 
One of the reasons we do this is that bachelor degrees from universities of applied sciences (HBO) do not give automatic access to a related Master’s programme at a Dutch academic university (WO). And also only do the academic universities appear on the world ranking lists.


We help you to ...

Save time

Complex information 
made simple

Choose smart

Compare and decide 
based on reliable sources

Plan properly

Follow the 10-steps timeline,
discover important deadlines


Our core values
matter to you

Reliable & Relevant

Relevant information has been collected for you from many, many resources ensuring that these come from reliable sources

Service focussed

Servicing you as best as possible is our drive as we present all the information you need in a clear and practical way

Solution thinking

10 clear steps, put in a timeline,
with important deadlines,
will save you lots of headaches

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