Have you been living in the Netherlands for not so long? 
And are you looking for a useful start-up kit to take your first steps in Dutch society?

Then give yourself a 'soft landing' by learning Dutch language ànd culture the fun way, with the Piece of Dutch crash course for 'fresh' newcomers!

What makes this course different from others is the unique mix of 4 components that make the course interactive and strongly focused on practical application. 
In just 4 sessions!

Cross-cultural differences

How do you anticipate the differences between the country you come from and the Netherlands? 

During this course we help you recognize possible differences between your culture and the Dutch one. Did you know, for example, that on birthday parties it is appreciated by the giver of a gift that the host opens this gift right in front of the giver's eyes? If you don't know this because it may not be common in your country of origin, it could lead to some awkward situations.

However, this and other tips that we will give away during this course, will help you participate in Dutch society with more confidence.

Dutch songs & games

Next to the practical conversations in the Dutch language, Dutch songs will help you master the basics more easily

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who originally comes from Argentina, revealed during a recent television interview that songs had been a very helpful way for her to master a new language. 

By incorporating games and role playing into the learning sessions, practicing conversations will become a fun experience as well.


  • Our office is easily accessible by car with free parking facilities at 3 minutes walking distance.
  • From Delft Central Station it takes 18 minutes by bus to reach our venue. 
  • And from the TU Delft library it's only 2 kilometers away, which is 10 minutes by bike from there.